Our customized and client asdfasdfasdfasdfexperience is our top priority. From the first moment you decide to begin the process of construction, to the heartwarming feeling you get when walking into your new home, we are there for you!



From design, construction, interior and exterior selections, landscaping, and furnishings, we are here to help!
No detail is too small.


Create a space that is unique, stylish and represents your desired wishes and requests, from rustic modern to clean and contemporary.


That moment when you enter your drive-way and feel that inexplicable pride in knowing your home represents you and your unique style.

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Exterior Finishes Make a House, a Home

When choosing an exterior finish, the options really are endless. In the past, vinyl was standard but now you can choose from lap, board and batten, fiber cement, stucco, wood, shake, stone, stone veneer, brick, metal and of course vinyl. In the world of...

2023 SHCH Highlights

As 2023 comes to a close, we look back on another wonderfully productive year. It has been our pleasure serving the West Michigan Community for another year and look forward to new projects in the new year! A highlight from this year is the “Modern Marvel,” which...

Solid or Engineered Hardwood, that is the Question?

Decisions, decisions, decisions! When building a home there is no shortage of decisions. To the builder, this is an essential part of the build, that needs to be completed in a timely and organized fashion. To the client, this seems like an impossible task, a...

Building a New Home…? Consider This!

Building a new custom home requires many steps and people often forget that for every sq. ft. of space added, you add $300-$350 to your budget. Therefore, a custom home around 4,000 sq. ft. is going to run approximately $1.2-$1.4 million dollars. In today’s market,...

Should I Buy or Renovate? That is the Question!

First and foremost you have to determine weather it makes sense financially to renovate your existing home or purchase new. Sometimes emotional attachment can keep families in their existing home far longer than expected, when they should be thinking about moving...

Windows Make or Break Your Home…Choosing the Right Window

At Spencer Haight Custom Homes we understand that windows are a huge part of the building process and make or break the look and function of your new home. When beginning the design process often times clients overlook the importance of a quality window. That is...

Building A New Home…Where To Start?

You have probably been thinking about building your new home for a while now and you are finally ready to take it to the next step, researching builders. It can be a scary and often times daunting next step and you have no doubt heard horror stories about others...

How to Create the Ideal, Functional Home Office

When designing your new home, do not skimp on the home office. For many people the home office can get overlooked, but in reality it is used for many difference things, not just a place to store your bills. The home office can not only be functional but peaceful...

Things To Consider When Designing A Home

General Take into account lighting! Think about the cardinal direction your home faces and how you will utilize the residence indoors and outdoors. A well lit home, is considerably more inviting and keeps your mood elevated, especially during the winter months....

WHEN THE Difference Matters


Specialization comes from customization, through the use of quality materials that will last you for years to come. 

Innovative Design

Forward-thinking design in all of our builds from everything you see to everything you don't.


Shown in our results and the experience we're able to provide to our overjoyed customers.


From floor plans to exterior elevations, architecture, and design; even options for energy efficiency considerations and technology features.


It takes a team to make the home of your dreams. From renovations to a new custom build, we know quality, starts with the team. 


Just like no two custom homes are the same, no two budgets are either. You have exceptional control when building your new home.

He does a great job!!! Love my Spencer Haight home
- Pam

Can’t go wrong with this builder and crew!! Awesome guys. Top notch work!.”
- Kathy

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