You have probably been thinking about building your new home for a while now and you are finally ready to take it to the next step, researching builders. It can be a scary and often times daunting next step and you have no doubt heard horror stories about others experiences, with builders and the build process. Therefore, it is your goal to find a builder who you trust wholeheartedly and who will communicate with you on a regular basis, regarding budget and selections, while still maintaining the integrity of your vision for your new home. Well let me begin by saying your thoughts and feelings are absolutely valid and finding the right builder should be top on list of importance.

That being said, let me also say that largest and fastest builder is not always the right one. When building a truly custom home you need to provide yourself with time. At Spencer Haight Custom Homes, we want to be a part of the complete build process. We encourage you to include us on the property search, if at possible. We will also walk you through the architectural process and by the time the plans are complete, we will already have clear understanding of your vision for the home and we can take that knowledge and use it to produce the most accurate cost evaluation.

Building your new home should be exciting! There will be moments of frustration and maybe even anger (there are a lot of decisions to be made), but with assistance and guidance from an exceptional builder and designer, you will work through these issues and end up with a home that truly represents your wants and needs. If you feel this represents how you are feeling and you need some guidance or a place to start, please feel free to contact Spencer Haight custom Homes. We will take that next step with you!