When choosing an exterior finish, the options really are endless. In the past, vinyl was standard but now you can choose from lap, board and batten, fiber cement, stucco, wood, shake, stone, stone veneer, brick, metal and of course vinyl. In the world of construction today, “dimension” is king!

When looking at new construction builds currently, you see many different types of exterior finishes on one home. Nowadays you are not limited to just one option and it is not uncommon to see homes with three or four different finishes, especially on modern style homes, like the one below. To top it off, you are not limited to running the siding horizontally, vertically is great option as well. By running the siding vertically, you trick the eye and enhance the appearance of the height of the home.

Once you decide on finishes, you can take the home to the next level by adding exterior lighting and wood accents, such as corbels, shutters and/or flower boxes. Let’s not also forget porch and garage over-hangs, where metal or shingle roofing, can boost the charm of any home.  Finally, the front and garage doors can bring the home to life.

Windows can make great additions to both your front and garage doors. If you’re going for the modern look, add windows vertically along one side of the garage door. Love light, especially in main entrance, add windows/side-lights running vertically along one or both sides of the front door, include a tall significant door and substantial hardware for easy entry and increase the scale of the home’s presence. At the end of the day, the overall feel of your home is your choice and adding small details and multiple exterior finishes, can not only add dimension to your home, but can increase the overall warmth and appeal.