At Spencer Haight Custom Homes we understand that windows are a huge part of the building process and make or break the look and function of your new home. When beginning the design process often times clients overlook the importance of a quality window. That is why windows are the first item we finalize and order when beginning construction.

Windows set the stage for the overall feel of your home and can bring beauty, warmth and function. They are a huge part of the overall design of your new or existing home and there are several different options to choose from, casement, double and single-hung, awning, bay and bow, sliding, picture, custom and specialty. They can also be a variety of different colors including, but are not limited too, black, white, blue, tan and brown. Windows can also be made of a variety of materials, such as wood, fiberglass and vinyl.

When choosing the right window, there are yet other decisions that need to be made. Window grids can enhance the overall style of the home by providing a traditional, colonial or craftmans feel. There is also the option of blinds between the glass and the beauty of this option is the blinds are tucked away between the panes of insulated glass and are protected from dust and damage, thus prolonging the life each window and shade.

As a builder that has been in business for over ten years, we have customized this process and spend a great deal of time ensuring our customers select the right windows for them. Pella Windows & Doors has been our trusted window provider for the last decade and they continue to exceed expectations in both style, function and warranty.