First and foremost you have to determine weather it makes sense financially to renovate your existing home or purchase new. Sometimes emotional attachment can keep families in their existing home far longer than expected, when they should be thinking about moving on.

Moving is often times a daunting thought but can frequently be the right decision. When completing a renovation cost can become a significant issue. When your contractor begins demolition of the existing home, there is the potential to encounter larger issues and/or hidden costs, that more times than not, cause the overall budget to increase.

There are also many areas within the renovation that impact the budget, which add little to no value to your home. These areas include demolition, excavation, the foundation, tying into existing trusses and framing. It is these items that can make or break the budget and are often times the most expensive parts of the renovation process.

When hidden costs are un-covered and existing issues are addressed, the renovation schedule becomes prolonged and the date you originally thought your project would be complete, is now 1-2 months out. This can be further disrupted by the fact you may or may not be currently living in the home, while the construction takes place.

That being said, sometimes the most practical reasons to move are just not enough and your dream is sitting right in front of you. In this case, it is our hope that you will contact us, Spencer Haight Custom Homes, where we will do our best to limit the amount of unforeseen costs and prolonged project timeline and create the house of your imaginings.